How to Build Your Own Website? : The Best Guide of 2021

How to Build Your Own Website? : The Best Guide of 2021

Are you in search of building your own website? If yes, then this is a relevant article for you. I know building a website might seem a hard-nut-to-crack. However, with the help of this article, you’ll know all the necessary details. 

We have helped over 400,000 people with our authentic advice to build the “most amazing” WordPress website. 

So, if you also want to know all the ins and outs then keep reading till the end without even skipping a single section!

Step-1: The Website Building Setup

The most frequent errors made by novice website developers is selecting the inappropriate website platform for making a WordPress website.

 For many website users, a WordPress site that is self-hosted is ideal. 

The reason is It has many different styles, designs, and add-ons that will let you create or develop any kind of WordPress website. 

The best part is that WordPress is completely free and you can use it to develop any kind of website you choose. Whether it be a health niche, technological niche, news, or any other category. WordPress can be your ultimate solution to create a WordPress page. 

Now, you must be wondering, if WordPress is entirely free, then what are those additional charges for? 

Well, it’s true WordPress is completely free because you need to obtain web hosting benefits and domain names. And both of these are not free. 

Now, what’s a domain name? 

A domain or a domain name is simply the address of your website (i.e., ). 

The reason it’s so important is this is the address that your users will enter in their browsers to access your site. 

Step-2: Install Your WordPress

When you sign up for Bluehost through our link, they will install WordPress for you automatically. They created this one-click WordPress installer to make website creation easier for non-technical people.

This just requires you to log into your Bluehost account and WordPress will then automatically start.

You may also access the WordPress dashboard straight from your browser by visiting

You can establish many websites with your Bluehost account. Simply navigate to the My Sites section and create other websites using their one-click WordPress installer.

After installing WordPress, you can begin customizing your website’s look by picking a new template and adding new pages.

Step-3: Add Contents to Your Website

WordPress includes two predefined content types: posts and pages.

Posts are a feature of blogging and appear in reverse chronological order, that is the new items will appear first. 

In fact, pages are designed to include static “one-off” information such as your contact, privacy statement, or even custom landing page.

By default, WordPress displays your blog articles on your website’s front page. However, you can adjust this and have WordPress display any fixed page as your website’s homepage.

You can establish a dedicated page for your news or blog section, which will display your most current entries. Alternatively, you might construct a website entirely devoid of a blog section.

Step-4: Add Navigation to Your Website

To begin, scroll to the Appearance » Menus page. Give your navigation menu a name and click “the create menu button.”

Your navigation menu will now be created by WordPress. However, it will be vacant for the moment.

Following that, you must select the webpages you wish to include in the menu and click the add to menu option.

You’ll see that the empty section of the navigation menu is now filled with your selected pages. You can drag and drop these menu items to rearrange their order in the menu.

Now it’s time to choose a display location. Your WordPress theme defines these locations. Typically, most WordPress themes include a primary menu that shows in the top-left corner of your website’s header.

Finally, click the save button to save the navigation menu you’ve created. You may now view the menu just by visiting your website.

Step-5: Install all the Necessary Plugins

Just clicking on your site’s “Plugins” page, you can install plugins. There are officially over 58,000 free WordPress plugins available.

Moreover, there are also commercial plugins available for purchase from developers or third-party websites.

These plugins will indeed come in handy especially when you are trying to make your website more user-friendly.

Step-6: Mastering WordPress

WordPress is a simple-to-use content management system, but it is also a very sophisticated content management system. At times, you may find yourself in need of immediate WordPress assistance.

The excellent thing is there are many numerous resources for free WordPress assistance available. See our tutorial on how to appropriately request and receive WordPress support.

WP Beginner is the world’s largest WordPress resource site. On WP Beginner, you’ll discover the following materials 

  • The WP Beginner Blog is where you publish your WordPress tutorials, how-to instructions, and step-by-step tips.
  • WP Beginner Videos – These step-by-step tutorials will help you quickly master WordPress.
  • WP Beginner Dictionary – The greatest location for novices to begin and become acquainted with the vocabulary of WordPress.
  • WP Beginner Blueprint – Learn about the plugins, tools, and services that WP Beginner utilizes.
  • WP Beginner Deals – WP Beginner users receive exclusive savings on WordPress products and services.
  • Engage Group at WPBeginner – Connect with WordPress professionals and other like-minded bloggers and website owners.

These WP Beginner will indeed help you to create a better and more engaging website for your visitors and this will also help you to create more business funnels that will increase your overall sale and make your site quite visible to your customers or clients. 

Step-7: Taking it to a New Level

Thus far, we’ve demonstrated how to create a website, customize it with a specific theme, create web pages, and install necessary plugins.

Using WordPress, you can construct robust specialty websites that are capable of much more.

  • Include an e-commerce site
  • Produce your own podcast.
  • Create a website for members
  • Establish a web directory
  • Create a website dedicated to coupons
  • Create a review website
  • Create websites that are multilingual
  • Create a website for a job board
  • Create a website dedicated to questions and answers
  • Create a website with a wiki knowledge-based


1. How can I create a free website?

While some web developers may offer free alternatives, we strongly advise against utilizing them. Frequently, they will embed their adverts on your website, which will look amateurish and provide a poor customer experience.

2. Is it possible to develop a website similar to Facebook?

Yes, WordPress can be used to transform your webpage into a social media network. We’ve put up a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a website similar to Facebook using WordPress.3. 

3. Is it possible to create a website that includes a forum?

Yes, you may have one of these forum or topic plugins in combination with WordPress to create a website that includes discussion board functionality.

4. Is it possible for me to build a website similar to eBay?

Yes, you may easily construct an eBay-style website utilizing a WordPress auction plugin. You can follow our step-by-step instruction on how to create an auction site website using WordPress.

Bottom Line

After you’ve launched your new website, you need to increase your online customer visibility and traffic. For this you need contents that are search engine optimized and also you may take the help of an agency for this.For entrepreneurs to get started,  you can immediately start developing an email list.

This is because email marketing also enables you to communicate with different website visitors even after they exit your site. According to research, it has been found to generate a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI). 

Although, there might be times when you might need the help of an agency to boost your website in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). However, only take the help when you think you have developed your website and are thinking of making it big in the industry. 

We hope this blog post will now guide you to know how to create a website without even the help of a professional web designer or spending an excessive amount of money.

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