Effective WooCommerce Marketing Strategies for WordPress eCommerce store.

Effective WooCommerce Marketing Strategies for WordPress eCommerce store.

Are you looking for the best marketing strategy to skyrocket your sales? If yes, then this is the right place where you’ve landed!

Nowadays, online shoppers love to search and grab special deals and discounts during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Super Saturday, 11.11 campaigns, and many more. So offering discounts to lure traffic is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to boost up product sales. Therefore, without any delay let’s have a look at implementing these amazing marketing strategies by using our Ultimate Coupons For WooCommerce plugin.

Boosting Your Sales By Implementing BOGO (Buy One Get One) Deals

Buy X Get X ( BOGO ) Deals for WooCommerce

Among thousands of sale boosting tactics and strategies, BOGO deals hold the core position in increasing your sales chances. 

However, the BOGO strategy doesn’t really really attract consumers if it only focuses on the product’s core features. 

So, if you are thinking of this online marketing strategy in WooCommerce then you must include additional and eye-catching features to it

And this is where Ultimate Coupon takes all the responsibilities to solve this issue. Ultimate Coupon offers you various ways to promote BOGO deals in the most effective ways:

  • It offers single commodities. (e.g Buy X of this commodity and get X of the same commodity)
  • It provides multiple commodities. (e.g Buy multiple numbers of this good and single of the good) 
  • It has different categories. (e.g Buy any product of X category and get another product of Y category)

As an extension plugin for WooCommerce, Ultimate Coupons holds the best spot. Moreover, this plugin will even make sure that you grab more traffic towards your site with its amazing BOGO deals. 

Benefits of Choosing Wheel game, Pop Ups, Notification

If you are looking for ways to expand your customer reach then popups are well famous for being impactful in expanding the number of customers. 

And from a customer’s point of view, you would definitely want to try these amazing discount coupons that hold such incredible features of a game of spinning wheel.  

Moreover, around 90% of the organic traffic shows curiosity towards it! So, this is the reason why Ultimate Coupon has given the guarantee to engage customers with such wheel game popup features to attract more traffic to your WooCommerce website.

Closing-intent popup: It appears on the visitor’s screen when they tap the exit option. 

Processing new customized popup: The default popups are just everywhere nowadays. However, the customized ones display varieties that can seem pretty attractive to your visitors.

Short Code Attribute: Shortcode attributes are pretty easy to use. On your WooCommerce business store, you can set it as a showcase. Furthermore, you can add unlimited discount slots and even control the maximum attempts for your organic traffic.

Sales Promotion Ideas

Beyond offering classic special discounts, there are hundreds of marketing ideas that trigger sales on WooCommerce stores. 

Below are some promotion tactics that you can imply by using Ultimate Coupon: 

• Lower-Priced Commodity Variants 

There are commodities that don’t meet the price requirements of a large number of targeted potential customers. 

Therefore, lowering the price may cause you loss rather than profit. So if you bring an alternative to the product but at a cheaper cost, then the sale of the product would definitely trigger a huge difference in an affirmative way. 

However, Ultimate  Coupon not only taps to induce a large number of customers but also enables a targeted range of audience to purchase the expensive original commodity in comparison to its overall outlook.

• Generate Daily or Weekend Offers 

Putting specific scheduled deadlines on product discount offers creates a rush among the customers whether to make a purchase or not. 

Pressurizing customers to make decisions within the deadline is a wonderful marketing strategy as it increases the chances of sales. Ultimate Coupon plugin has this amazing feature to attract a lot of customers towards your business.

• Set a Goal Reward

Setting a reward after reaching a goal is one of the best marketing strategies to boost your sales. (eg. If you cross X points of purchase then you’ll receive Y as the reward).

Even this Ultimate Coupon comes with such built-in goals targeting the sale boosting by targeting a lot of audiences.

Coupon Cart Condition and Scheduling

Coupon conditions by Ultimate coupons plugin

Cart Condition

To prevent certain inconvenience, applying restrictions is highly recommended and that’s the moment when cart condition emerges. 

The Ultimate Coupon approaches you with a customer-friendly attribute so that you can program the rules & conditions for the Coupon comfortably. 

Coupon Scheduling by Ultimate Coupons plugin


You also have the liberty to schedule the overall starting and deadline times. However, you have this control only till the validity span of the Coupon. 

How to imply these strategies in popular campaigns? 

The holiday season provides an excellent opportunity to boost WooCommerce sales. Campaigns such as Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday, and Super Saturday take priority above everything as sellers work through a crowded schedule in the stores to develop the annual sales strategy.

Moreover, this plugin offers features, coupon restrictions, BOGO special deals, store credits and gift cards, free reward coupons, automatic coupon issuance, personalized designs, bulk coupon activation, and quick control.

Here is a glimpse of the features that this plugin controls during any sales events:

• Top-rated: Online shoppers appreciate this plugin leaving five-star reviews. You’ll find real reviews here:

• High performance: This plugin does not hang up on the checkout process wasting your valuable time. Some of the top level WooCommerce stores use it and you can lean on this Coupon plugin as well.

• Exclusive, Compatible and Daily Updates feature: This plugin is 100% authentic. With other top-rated plugins, we keep it monitored daily to improve its quality and include more additional features. So no possibility of risk here!

Bottom Line

To expand your customer reach, you need the right marketing strategies to attract them to your WooCommerce stores.  

However, for this, you need the right kind of ideas and people to do this job for you, where the Ultimate Coupon plugin comes in handy. It will not only bring more customers to your WooCommerce store but also will ensure that people buy your products following these amazing and attractive discount coupons.

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