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  • How to Build Your Own Website? : The Best Guide of 2021

    How to Build Your Own Website? : The Best Guide of 2021

    Are you in search of building your own website? If yes, then this is a relevant article for you. I know building a website might seem a hard-nut-to-crack. However, with the help of this article, you’ll know all the necessary details.  We have helped over 400,000 people with our authentic advice to build the “most […]

  • The ultimate guide on choosing the right WordPress theme

    I have been a WordPress developer and designer since 2005 and made hundreds of WordPress themes throughout the years. I have developed themes from the bottom, way before widgets and the flexible menu system where part of WordPress (old-time coding with PHP and HTML ftw). I’ve used Kubric (the blue gradient design sent from the heavens […]

  • Effective WooCommerce Marketing Strategies for WordPress eCommerce store.

    Effective WooCommerce Marketing Strategies for WordPress eCommerce store.

    Are you looking for the best marketing strategy to skyrocket your sales? If yes, then this is the right place where you’ve landed! Nowadays, online shoppers love to search and grab special deals and discounts during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Super Saturday, 11.11 campaigns, and many more. So offering discounts to lure traffic is one […]

  • Awesome WordPress themes for Restaurants

    Your restaurants success depends highly upon your website design. A crappy looking WordPress theme will scare your visitors away even before they look at the menu. You need to consider what you need on your homepage, because a lot of your visitors will actually land on that page. Don’t go overboard with too many flashy […]

  • 9 best WooCommerce themes of 2015

    WooCommerce has just been purchased (or emerged) by Automattic, the team behind WordPress. That was pretty big news in 2015. That means even more focus on the best e-commerce plugin for WordPress. I’ve taken a good look around for you, and found some of the best WooCommerce themes that were created in 2015. Perfume Demo Dezert […]

  • 10+ WordPress themes that supports BuddyPress

    10+ WordPress themes that supports BuddyPress July 9, 2015July 9, 2015BrianBest WordPress Themes BuddyPress is by far the most comprehensive and well-developed community plugin for WordPress – and with the right BuddyPress theme anything is possible. It is under Automattic’s umbrella, and are thereby supported by WordPress. I like to call BuddyPress a mini-Facebook, since […]

  • Automattic Acquires BuddyPress

    We could say that BuddyPress has a friend in Automattic, but following a recent development, it’s actually more accurate to say that BuddyPress is a friend in Automattic. BuddyPress was acquired by the WordPress parent company. On, a single line of text states, “BuddyPress will transform a vanilla installation of WordPress MU into a social […]

  • 21 Best Business WordPress Themes in 2015

    WordPress is one of the best content management systems for entrepreneur and small business, due to the easy installation and usage of WordPress. Its very cheap to get a fantastic design (theme) and you can get proof for your business. When there is proof, that your business is giving you bread on the table, then you […]