About WPdope

Welcome to the most dope place about WordPress.

My name is Brian Brandt, and I grew up in the of eighties, and one of the famous words in that time was “dope”. It kind of stuck to me, and when I was looking for a good name for this website, “dope” just came to me again.

(I know it’s also slang for marijuana, but that’s not my game) 

WPdope is about giving you what you need about WordPress. The best content management system on the planet. Period.

I live in Denmark, the small country in northern Europe, where “winter is coming” year around.

In Denmark I have been running an WordPress agency since 2005, written several books about WordPress, held more than hundred WordPress live courses and been a speaker at several WordCamps. Still to this day, many danish people believe I created WordPress :-).

WPdope is my first time going outside the country with my WordPress knowledge – and I really hope you will enjoy my reviews, guides, tips, tricks and experience – as much as I love WordPress.

Here I am speaking at a conference in front of 350 people. 

Brian Brandt speaking

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